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Strategy Is The Key To Success

But it’s completely useless if you can’t execute.  That was the story of my first time curling ever. So the basics are pretty easy. The sliding and sweeping. Even throwing the stone is pretty easy. Well, just the getting it moving and not falling over while doing so. Actually getting the stone to do what you want it to, and getting it where you want it to is pretty hard. It gives me an even greater appreciation and respect for curlers who can make those amazing shots and put their stones pretty much exactly where they want. I knew it was hard before, but didn’t realize how hard it actually is until today. Even though our games weren’t really ones of skill (they were more games of luck), it was lots of fun and I look forward to playing more and getting better. If you haven’t tried curling before, you really should. It’s lots of fun and a great game to play with friends. Anyways, that’s all for today. Just a short and simple post (fooled you with the title and first sentence eh?). Until next time…

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