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Ten Days Later

So it’s the eve of the opening ceremonies for the Paralympics, and it’s back. Yup, that energy and pride that we saw during the Olympics two weeks ago is back. Maybe it’s not as loud and visible as it was during those two weeks in Vancouver, but it’s definitely there. I followed the Paralympic torch relay for a couple of laps today, and while the sidewalks and streets were not packed with people waiting for the torch to come, everyone cheered as the torch bearers passed them. Then there were those of us who ran and walked alongside the torch bearers and their families. Even without the escort and cavalcade of trucks and cars wasn’t anything like what we saw in February, they were celebrities and stars in our eyes as they carried that torch through the streets of downtown Vancouver. Whether they walked, ran, or rolled, we followed them, got pictures with them, cheered, and celebrated with them. Today was their day, and so will the next 10 days. Ten days of athleticism, strength, and inspiration. Ten days where we will see amazing men and women who have overcome the greatest of obstacles. Men and women stood up in the face of adversity and proceeded to do great things and show us that anything really is possible.

On a related note, Luongo lit the community cauldron at Robson Square tonight. Afterwards (and after his media stuff), we managed to get him to stop and sign stuff for us. Let’s just say I now have a jersey that I cannot wear or wash anymore – it should be put in a frame. LUUUUUUUUUU!!!!

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