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Who’s On Your Side?

Great post by Scott Bourne (@ScottBourne). Definitely worth a read. Not just applicable to photography, but really any hobby, especially ones you get serious with. Not necessarily going professional, but just something that becomes important, or even integral, to your life. There will always be those who will have something negative to say about whatever you do. Whether its telling you that you’re never going to make it, or telling you that you’re no good at what you do and that you suck, or even that you’ll never amount to anything of worth (in that area), they’ll always be there. But really, what they have to say should never dampen your spirits because as soon as it starts getting you down, that’s when you subconsciously believe it. From that point, it’s an uphill battle to get back to that point where things were fun for you and made your days that much brighter. Instead of brooding on these people and what they have to say, it’s all about finding those people and that community that is there to give you support, whether it be through constructive criticism, words of inspiration, or just joining you in the things that you do. Just remember, as Scott puts it so simply, “For every person who doesn’t support you – I bet you can find one who does.”

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