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We’re Not Robots

This sign at Go Fish says it all. We're not robots, we're humans. So don't make yourself work like one. Be patient and kind to yourself (and others). Take the time to relax.

So on last night, I went to a Flamenco/Live Music Tweetup at Kino Cafe. Was a fun and relaxing couple of hours with great music, dancers, and company. I had posted this event on both Facebook and Twitter to see if any of my other friends wanted to go, but the response was generally the same. “Don’t you have exams?” “How do you have that much free time?” Well, yes I do have exams starting next Monday, and I’ve started studying already. And I have “so much” free time (a couple of hours at night, c’mon) because I’ve been getting up early and doing work all day anyways. But the answers to these questions aren’t really the important part. It’s the fact that so many people think that we always need to be working. That even the smallest break is going to ruin us. Even though our lives seem to demand a constant state of working, we all need to relax and take a break every now and then. We’re not robots. Even if we have an exam or major deadline coming up in a week, we need to have sometime to unwind. When we’re all wound up and stressed, we don’t perform as well as when we’re even a little bit more relaxed. In addition to a drop in performance, our health suffers. It’s been proven in studies, and we’ve all felt the symptoms of being stressed. So why don’t we all take the time, regardless of how long it is, to just unwind a little bit and just enjoy life? Whether it’s going on a photowalk, or enjoying some live music with friends (as is in my case), or simply just sitting outside and soaking in the world around us, we’ve all got our ways of relaxing. Sometimes all we really need to lighten that load and brighten up our day is just 5 minutes.

So how do you relax and unwind?

Note: That final post from the F5 Expo on Malcolm Gladwell’s keynote is coming soon. I apologize for the delay, but I just haven’t been able to hit my stride with that post and I don’t want to put up something that I’ve forced rather than just let flow for you guys to all read. Thanks for understanding.

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