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Make It! Vancouver

Make It! Vancouver

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to go shoot at Make It! Vancouver, held at the Croatian Cultural Centre. It was an awesome gathering of designers, showcasing and selling their goods, from clothing, to jewelery and accessories, to gifts and art. But it wasn’t one of those boring craft shows that many people envision when you throw out that term. It was fun, and really appealed to people of all ages and backgrounds (and the occasional pet too =D). It was great to see all the different things that people had made and to see all the great that are out there. Whether it was fuzzy monster drums (that were a hit with young and old alike), cool little vivariums in various jars and pitchers, or beautiful handmade jewelery, there was something cool at every booth, and something for everyone. There was even the creator of the chocolate dress that some of you have read/heard about (Read the Vancouver Sun article here). My personal favourites were Herrohachi (Facebook, Twitter, Shop), The Tiny Fig (Facebook, Twitter, Website), and Hug and Kiss Designs (Website). Yelp was also there with their 100% win rate wheel of Yelptasticness and tons of swag. =D It was definitely the best craft show I’ve ever been to.  If you didn’t get a chance to check it out this time, you should definitely check out the next show in November, which I’m already looking forward to (Details here). And you can find the photos I took there on my flickr.

And oh yeah, I got this awesome shirt from Herrohachi (this photo will have to suffice for now as I don’t have one of me actually wearing it yet, I’ll upload one when I get one).

You have been warned.

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