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Change in Web Address

May 13, 2010 Leave a comment

In order to try to keep my usernames and webaddresses the same as my twitter handle as much as possible, I’ve moved this blog here. Links to this address will continue to work, but all new posts will be put on the new address. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause any of you.

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Make It! Vancouver

May 3, 2010 Leave a comment

Make It! Vancouver

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to go shoot at Make It! Vancouver, held at the Croatian Cultural Centre. It was an awesome gathering of designers, showcasing and selling their goods, from clothing, to jewelery and accessories, to gifts and art. But it wasn’t one of those boring craft shows that many people envision when you throw out that term. It was fun, and really appealed to people of all ages and backgrounds (and the occasional pet too =D). It was great to see all the different things that people had made and to see all the great that are out there. Whether it was fuzzy monster drums (that were a hit with young and old alike), cool little vivariums in various jars and pitchers, or beautiful handmade jewelery, there was something cool at every booth, and something for everyone. There was even the creator of the chocolate dress that some of you have read/heard about (Read the Vancouver Sun article here). My personal favourites were Herrohachi (Facebook, Twitter, Shop), The Tiny Fig (Facebook, Twitter, Website), and Hug and Kiss Designs (Website). Yelp was also there with their 100% win rate wheel of Yelptasticness and tons of swag. =D It was definitely the best craft show I’ve ever been to.  If you didn’t get a chance to check it out this time, you should definitely check out the next show in November, which I’m already looking forward to (Details here). And you can find the photos I took there on my flickr.

And oh yeah, I got this awesome shirt from Herrohachi (this photo will have to suffice for now as I don’t have one of me actually wearing it yet, I’ll upload one when I get one).

You have been warned.

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Join The Fight

April 18, 2010 Leave a comment

If we band together, cancer doesn’t stand a chance. Fuck you cancer. You don’t deserve any respect.

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Just Dance

March 15, 2010 1 comment

When this cue came up at the “practice” for the audience at the Paralympic opening ceremonies, I just had to take a picture of it. I feel like this should be a cue for everyone, everywhere, all the time. Sometimes I feel that people are generally way too uptight and just forget to enjoy life. We’re always worried about what other people think or how we look. Sometimes we forget that when it really comes down to it, it’s the spirit and heart that we put into whatever we’re doing that matters. So just dance (or do whatever you love to do). Doesn’t matter if it’s in the privacy of your own home, or out on the streets. Just remember to do it for yourself. Do it to make yourself smile and to lift the weight off of your shoulders, even if just for a short while.

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Strategy Is The Key To Success

March 7, 2010 Leave a comment

But it’s completely useless if you can’t execute.  That was the story of my first time curling ever. So the basics are pretty easy. The sliding and sweeping. Even throwing the stone is pretty easy. Well, just the getting it moving and not falling over while doing so. Actually getting the stone to do what you want it to, and getting it where you want it to is pretty hard. It gives me an even greater appreciation and respect for curlers who can make those amazing shots and put their stones pretty much exactly where they want. I knew it was hard before, but didn’t realize how hard it actually is until today. Even though our games weren’t really ones of skill (they were more games of luck), it was lots of fun and I look forward to playing more and getting better. If you haven’t tried curling before, you really should. It’s lots of fun and a great game to play with friends. Anyways, that’s all for today. Just a short and simple post (fooled you with the title and first sentence eh?). Until next time…

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Weekends Like This…

March 6, 2010 Leave a comment

Remind me why I love Vancouver so much. I’ve already been out partying (for a fundraiser), enjoying the weather and taking some photos, cycling around town, eating great food. And it’s only Saturday evening. Tomorrow I’m already planning to go for another bike ride and to go curling with some friends, and who knows what else I’ll do on a whim?

From New York City and it’s bustling city life, to Durham, North Carolina and it’s beautiful scenery, great food, and friendly people, all the cities I’ve spent time in or visited a lot have their merits. But none of them have it all like Vancouver does. Basically if there’s something (legal) you want to do, you can do it here easily. Want to go out and spend a night partying? Want to have a spontaneous trip to the beach? Want to sample foods from all over the world? Want to get away from it all and head out for a camping or hiking trip? We got it all. I really don’t know how else to say it. Don’t believe me? Maybe this video might help convince you.

Still not? Then you really gotta be here and see it for yourself.

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Two Weeks And Then What?

March 1, 2010 Leave a comment

Over the past two weeks, Canadians have gone through a major transformation. No longer were we the quiet and subdued people that others thought we were (We were still the incredibly polite people that we have been labeled as, helping visitors find their way to venues and Skytrain/Canada Line stations). We showed the world a side of us that surprised many, including ourselves. We showed them the patriotism that sits inside all of us, and the pride we have of being Canadian. However, it was a patriotism that was perhaps different than the usual sense that some people may thing. Perhaps Stephen Colbert said it best where what Americans call “patriotism”, we just call “loving Canada.” This could not be closer to the truth. While we enjoyed expressing our superiority in the during the Olympics (especially after the gold medal hockey game), we celebrated every Canadian athlete and performance, regardless if they were standing on the podium receiving a gold medal or if they came 25th. We walked the streets decked out in Canadian gear and flags. We sang O Canada and chanted “Go Canada Go!” everywhere – in the stadiums, in the pubs, bars, and restaurants, in the streets, and yes, even on public transit. Everywhere you looked, a sea of red and white was there to greet you and countless red mittens waved in the air. Strangers came together and celebrated not just the games, but just simply being Canadian.

However, as many people and media have noticed, maybe it was only a temporary wave of pride. After two weeks of the biggest party on earth, and two weeks of constant celebration during the energy in the streets was electric, things just seem to have gone back to the way they were before (I have yet to go back and visit downtown, but from what I hear it’s true there too.) No longer is there the sea of red. No longer are people beaming with pride and happiness of being Canadian. No longer are people wearing those iconic red mittens. It’s as if those two amazing weeks known as Vancouver 2010 were an isolated bubble of time. Like the were merely a passing moment. Like a two week long period of instant gratification to be savoured, but forgotten as soon as its over. Maybe it’s just because people are tired and are recovering. Maybe it’s because everyone is  back in class or back at work now. Only time will tell, and hopefullyt the patriotism and energy that we saw from February 12th to 28th will continue to exist even in the tiniest form. Hopefully,t what many of us have called the experience of a lifetime will not become forgotten in the recesses of our memories, with our keepsakes and souvenirs tucked away in boxes or scrapbooks, and photos lost amongst archives and albums, never to be looked at again. It would be a tragedy if we were to forget what Vancouver 2010 has brought out of us, as individuals and as a nation. But only time will tell. Regardless of what happens, I know I will continue wear my Canadian gear with pride. Go Canada Go!

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